Christmas Decorations for Outdoors

Christmas decorations outdoors are the best part of the holiday season.  Everybody appreciates a well decorated house in late November and December.  Thousands of lights shimmering from beloved characters and Christmas favorites transform the start of winter into a magical season.  A display of outdoor Christmas decorations multiplies Christmas spirit and the magic of Christmas in all of us!  PRO TIP: plan your displays with outdoor decorations that have movement and twinkling lights.  This adds the feeling of movement and dazzles viewers.

Outdoor Train Decorations for Christmas

Total Home Décor’s unique 60” LED Pro-Line Animotion Toy Train Christmas Decoration

Twinkles and sparkles all night.  The decoration makes its presence stand out with 250 lights illuminating from inside.  Show off your Christmas spirit with everyone’s favorite Christmas train!

Outdoor Snowmen Decorations for Christmas

What outdoor Christmas display is complete without a traditional snowman?  Consider one snowman or more in your lighted outdoor decorations plans this year.  Total Home Décor’s 42” Multi-Color LED Animotion Snowman Outdoor Lighted Christmas Decor

will help your display look great and be different than traditional décor.  The statue is lit with dozens of lights and is perfect to add some dazzle to your yard.  The snowman’s unique animontion feature appears to show the snowman waving to all with holiday cheer! 

Swiveling Decorations for Christmas

Total Home Décor offers several holiday characters with swivel motion.  Watch the pre-lit licensed characters swivel in motion while glimmering with dozens of interior lights.  These statues with our swivel feature also look great in daylight – but nothing compares to evening when the pre-lit decorations shine and the swivel movement allows the characters to come to life!


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