Back to School Decorating Ideas

It’s back to school time for high school and colleges – or is it?  Whatever “school” looks like for your family, it’s time to make the best of it and decorate for success!  Start thinking about dorm decoration ideas! Whether you are planning a simple dorm room door decoration or elaborately themed suite décor, advanced planning and shopping is key.  Don’t rely on the local college town superstore with their picked-over selection of merchandise.  Buy online and ship directly to your dorm to save on precious cargo space for moving.

College Apartment Decorating

Upperclassmen and those not in dorms –you’ve got even more wall and living space in an apartment than in any dorm room.  Decorate with LED string lights in themes such as summer, patriotic, or beach and parties.  Pro tip:  only use battery operated lights to eliminate the need for cords and to save energy.

E-Learning Environment

Enhance your study area with calming lights such as summer fruits, dragonflies, or flamingos.  Make your at-home school area a welcoming but separate space so it feels more like “going to school”.  Battery operated string lights are a great, inexpensive decorating idea to create your student’s perfect “school area”.


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