Back In-Stock: Outdoor Theater Kits

Family Theater Kits In-Stock NOW

The Total HomeFX PLUS Family Theater Kit comes with everything you need to turn your home into a theater experience AT AN INCREDIBLE PRICE, DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURER!

  • Our BEST HD Pro Projector (HDMI / Bluetooth / 1080p)
  • HUGE 96” Outdoor screen with frame
  • POWERFUL Waterproof 24 Watt Bluetooth Speaker
  • STURDY 50″ Tripod + Non-slip Base.

The Total HomeFX PRO Family Theater Kit comes with additional features to maximize your enjoyment.

  • Our BEST HD Pro Projector (HDMI / Bluetooth / 1080p)
  • HUMONGOUS 120” Outdoor screen with frame
  • TWO POWERFUL Waterproof 24 Watt Bluetooth Speakers
  • STURDY 50″ Tripod + Non-slip Base

HUGE Screens In-Stock NOW

The Total HomeFX 96” and 120” screens with metal frame are also back in stock – but not for long!  Take advantage of this end of season inventory special in order to use an existing projector in the best possible way:  by hosting an outdoor/backyard movie night!

End of Summer Parties at Home

Celebrate the end of summer and start of fall with an outdoor video gaming party.  Setup your gaming system to stream to your theater system.  These HUGE projection screens are perfect for larger than life gaming.  And with a screen large enough to view from afar everybody can be as socially distanced as you’d prefer.

Football & Baseball are Back

Stream baseball and football games in style with Total Home Décor’s outdoor theater kits.  There’s nothing like the fresh fall air mixed with a large screen ball game to make your family, friends, and neighbors grateful for a reason to get outside.  Save now with FREE shipping at on our newly in-stock outdoor theater kits.


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