Halloween 2020: New Video Introductions

Halloween is fast approaching.  It’s time to plan your Halloween décor with video decorations.  WindowFX is introducing new video decorations for 2020.  Due to popular demand, 2020 new video decorations feature Bobo, the gory and scary clown that nobody wants to bump into! 


The Total HomeFX 2020 Halloween videos star Bobo the Clown.  Bobo is back for round 2, just in case he didn’t claim his victims last year. Explicit bloody clown video will make your video décor the scariest on the block. Not for the faint of heart.

Friendly Clown is Ready to Meet You

The Total HomeFX 2020 Halloween video “Friendly Clown is Ready to Meet You” stars smiling clowns and red balloons to ramp up the creep factor. Don’t worry, no need to be scared, they just want to say “hello.”  Or is that all they want? 

WindowFX: Peeking Around the Corner

Will you be afraid to walk around the block after decorating with this new Halloween video?   Creepy clowns appear around every corner in this Halloween decoration.  Some corners are safe, but not all!  I’m sure you’ll have no problem exploring unknown areas after featuring this video in your 2020 Halloween setup!

Check out all of our new 2020 Halloween video decorations featuring Bobo the Clown . . . if you dare!


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