Upping your Halloween Displays with Halloween Video Decorations

Halloween season means more than pumpkins and sweets.  You take pride in your Halloween decorations and challenge yourself to reach new levels of spook each year.  WindowFX video decorations are a great way to enhance your Halloween scenes.  Interested in upping the fright factor?  2020’s new video decorations feature the scariest clown you’ll ever want to meet, Bobo.


Our  2020 Halloween videos star Bobo the Clown. Friendly sounding name, isn’t it?   Bobo was a hit last year and those videos are all still available for purchase. New for 2020 are enhanced gore videos with Bobo that will make your Halloween scenes the scariest in the neighborhood.  Bring professional spook to your personal displays with video these decorations.

The Dark Apprentice

The Total HomeFX 2020 Halloween video “Dark Apprentice” features Bobo and his evil laugh that will haunt you in the middle of the night.  All night.  Every night.  Forever!  Watch Bobo recruit  the next generation of spook, and remember to never visit with a clown alone! 

WindowFX: Peeking Around the Corner

Plan your travels carefully as creepy clowns appear around every corner in this Halloween decoration.  Feature this video in your 2020 Halloween display to enhance the fright factor.  Will anyone wish to leave your house after seeing what’s just around the next corner?

Check out the new 2020 Halloween video decorations featuring Bobo the Clown . . . if you dare!


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