Halloween Trends for 2020

Halloween Trends for 2020


Bringing in mysterious oddities, strange curiosities and Gothic vibes is on trend this Halloween. Eyeballs, potion bottles, crystal balls mix with black, purple, jewel-toned blues and velvet to make a creepy mystifying statement. Many of these items can be purchased at Dollar Stores, secondhand stores, or garage & yard sales.


Family friendly fright is always on trend. Friendly ghosts, cute black cats and polka dot and striped pumpkins in bright turquoise, yellow, and orange are sure to make your home the most inviting on the block!  Make it a virtual get together with your kids and their friends – all making these crafts while watching each other on Zoom or video chat systems.


This trend is a hybrid of Harvest and Halloween which is a great way to stretch out the life of your décor! Pumpkins, haunted houses, hay bales and scarecrows are paired with textures of galvanized metal and barn wood to create a cozy but spooky feeling. Colors of black, orange and white add to the traditional feel of the trend.  This sophisticated décor can be emphasized with any one of Total Home Décor’s cute or spooky Halloween inflatables.

Here’s to finding a safe and fun way to celebrate Halloween this year!