Halloween At Home

If you can’t trick or treat the traditional way due to the pandemic, look for creative ways to celebrate. You can buy your kid’s favorite candy and let them trick-or-treat room to room within your house, or they can walk through the neighborhood to show off their costume and then come home to a special treat.

TIP: A safer way to pass out candy (if it’s allowed) is with individual pre-packaged bags.  Other suggestions include placing candy well-spaced from people by using outdoor folding tables instead of the traditional candy bowl.

Outdoors Halloween Party Ideas

Or think outside the usual trick or treating and take the party outside this year! As with most entertaining these days, outdoors (and small) is best if you want to throw a Halloween party.

Now is time to get inventive! How about setting up a movie projector and screen outside so kids can watch movies or Zoom on the big screen? Host a marathon of your favorite Halloween movies in your backyard for a few friends. Make sure you set up party tables and chairs so that everyone can maintain social distancing.

Zoom Halloween Party Ideas

Another great idea – how about a Zoom dance party where your kids and their friends can watch and learn the “Monster Mash” on a big screen in the backyard?

Here’s to finding a safe and fun way to celebrate Halloween this year!


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