Outdoor Wedding Decorations DIY

Create one-of-a-kind outdoor wedding decoration DIYs using our products and a little imagination. Tap into your creative side and add a personal touch to your special day. If you are putting together some outdoor wedding decoration DIYs, then we might have the perfect items to help you get started. You can find a handful of DIY outdoor wedding decorations below that are sure to fit your aesthetic décor.

Get creative with your lighting at your outdoor wedding. As the day shifts to night, brighten up your venue or create the perfect romantic ambience to set the mood. At Total Home Décor we offer a variety of lighting options to be added to you outdoor wedding decoration DIY list. Our modern Edison or Globe style string lights are a simple way to make any outdoor space feel whimsical and glamorous. String lights are a must have for your outdoor wedding decoration DIY list. There are so many different ways to incorporate them into your wedding day. Create a twinkling canopy overhead or wrap them around the structured beams or trees to give off a romantic vibe.

Make a grand entrance for your outdoor wedding reception with our Light-Up Curtain Panels that are equip with 300 LED lights. These lighted curtains will sure make a statement and should be included on your list of outdoor wedding decoration DIYs. Use them as a backdrop or tie them back to create an inviting entryway.

If you envision a beautiful archway for your ceremony then we have the perfect one for you! Our Pre-Lit Floral Archway is the perfect outdoor wedding decoration DIY that will add sparkle and glow to your wedding. Our Archway has 8 different functions for you to choose and customize your special lighted look, making this a must for an outdoor wedding decoration DIY.

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