Outdoor Projector and Projector Screen Combo For Your Backyard

Now is the time to build your own backyard home theater. Outdoor theater kits are a great addition to any outdoor living space. These outdoor projector and projector screen combos are a popular purchase during the summer months. At Total Home Décor, we offer customizable outdoor theater kit options based on your budget and user needs. The Total HomeFX Outdoor Theater Kits comes with everything you need to turn your backyard into an outdoor theater experience.

Sit back, relax and entertain your family and friends with your own outdoor projector and projector screen combo kits. Our outdoor projectors feature USB and HDMI inputs, allowing you to conveniently stream all your favorite TV, movies, sporting events and other video content right in your backyard. Easily connect to your phone or other devices with Bluetooth capabilities. Our projectors are weather resistant and provide outstanding brightness making them perfect for outdoor use. All outdoor projectors have built-in speakers and an easy to use remote control.

Easily take your backyard to the next level with our inflatable outdoor projector screen options. Our inflatable screens are easy to setup, simply plug in and it self-inflates with a continuous air flow fan. The screen quickly deflates when you are ready to take it down. We offer our outdoor inflatable projector screens in two different sizes to suit your viewing needs. All screens are compatible with our outdoor projectors and are conveniently bundled together into any one of our build your own movie theater kit options, customized by you.

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