Mark Gervais and the Deathly Hallowindows

Mark Gervais is a Canadian artist who turned his home Halloween experiments into a business all Halloween enthusiasts can share in every year. Over the years, he has created dozens of projections – some spooky and fun, and others downright terrifying!

Mark Gervais also has a partner in crime, Dewi Wood, who provides the creepy sounds to accompany the creepy images. With their artistic talents combined, they create blood-chilling pieces of art you can impress your friends with… or terrify. Depends on what you’re going for.

While Gervais sells single themed projections to work with very particular home decorations, he also sells projection montages for people who want a bit of variety in a relatively neutral setting. (Which is a polite why of saying “can’t make up their mind!”)

Here are two of our favorite single-themed Halloween projections.

Skull Bounce:

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 12.55.20 PM

One of our team favorite projections by Mark Gervais is “Skull Bounce”, a goofy scene that features whimsical skulls singing a catchy “Boo” song as they bounce up and down. It’s not going to send trick or treaters running for their lives in fright, it’s going to keep them coming in because you’ve got funnest little house on the block!

This is a great projection to use early during the twilight hours of Halloween when the very little children go Trick or Treating and would be too frightened of horror decorations.

However, the “Boo” song might get repetitive, so we recommend buying another projection to switch out after an hour or two, perhaps a more frightening projection to pull out when those pesky older kids come stomping through ready to smash your pumpkins.


Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 12.58.19 PM

This projection features a ghostly vortex of grey and black clouds. The image makes it seem as if you are about it be sucked into a deep black hole of evil. And just to top it all off, the projection features little ghostly wisps of black oozing out from the dark — little demons ready to possess the innocent!

Yes, let your imagination sore with this one. This projection is best used when you have other decorations around your house rather than just having this single one. You can depict a band of witches or demons parading around the house as if they have just come out of this Hell vortex. Be creative!

Or, if you are a Doctor Who fan, you can make your house seem as if something has gone wrong with the Time Vortex and you need The Doctor and his companions to save the day from Weeping Angels or The Master. Clearly, some of us are Doctor Who fans.

Whether you need a frightening or whimsical new Halloween window decoration this year, Mark Gervais and his Hallowindows have you covered!



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