WindowFX Holiday Projector – An Animated Halloween

Like most major holidays, Halloween has quickly become a fun way to maintain the rivalry between neighbors who try to outdo each other with the latest décor, festivities and fun. But this year, Halloween decorating has taken a turn towards technology… and we’re pleased to introduce the very latest Halloween decorating trend – digital holiday decor with the all-new WindowFX holiday window projector!

Halloween Window Decorations Come to Life!

This year, stay ahead of the trend with the new Total Home FX digital projection decorations. These amazing decorations come to life, featuring virtual living, breathing zombies, ghosts, witches and so much more!

Let’s be honest: hanging cobwebs in your windows is a thing of the past. Your neighbors down the street may have busted their backs hanging skeletons from their trees and witches on their porch. They may have even meticulously dangled Party City’s “cling wrap” silhouettes in their windows, but with the WindowFX holiday projector, you can bring your decorations to life for a Halloween that will truly chill and thrill the entire neighborhood!

Holiday Projector Magic – Have an Animated Halloween

With a WindowFX holiday projector, you can scare and delight the kids with a lurking ghost, or give everyone goosebumps with creeping spiders. These amazing Halloween window projections will dazzle your neighbors for years to come… and even better still, Window FX digital holiday decor eliminate the hassle of continually purchasing disposable decorations each year.

In addition to saving you big time money on Halloween decorations in the long run, Total Home FX provides your home with a truly amazing and high-end experience for all holidays. Forget cutting out paper chains, you can literally bring your home to life! The amazing WindowFX Halloween projections are perfect for the busy family who would rather spend time together in the pumpkin patch than hours online searching for the right knick-knacks.

Halloween Projector Videos

Switch out your window projector video every hour or every week with Total Home FX’s interchangeable video loops for never-ending excitement. Spook your kids as they return home from school with a herd of zombies in the window! Give them a taste of what Halloween is truly supposed to be! Whatever your latest Halloween aspiration, Total Home FX will help you wow them!


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