What are you scared of?

A phobia is the persistent fear of an object or situation sometimes bordering on the irrational due to the effort and length one goes to avoid what scares them. With 7 billion people on the planet, if a situation or object exists, there is likely someone who fears it. Common phobias include acrophobia (heights), claustrophobia (closed spaces) and mysophobia (germs). Hopefully for the sake of your friends, family or co-workers  you don’t have ablutophobia which is the fear of bathing or washing.

Find out what scares your friends, we are almost sure to have a halloween window projection for it. Then set up your WindowFX holiday projector and sit back and wait. Here is what scares members of our staff.

Clowns – Funny or Frightening?

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It’s amazing that a clown means whimsical comedy to some but means something entirely differently to people who’ve seen the movie It. Halloween shows that smile can blur the lines between happy and maniacal.

Well Jon Hyers knows exactly how to play with that fear. Check out his “Clown 1” projection which features a frightening adult clown holding an ax as he stares you down, and his “Clown 2” which shows the same clown making goofy faces out the window. He knows where you sleep, and his smile will be there when you wake!

Eight Legged Freaks

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Spiders. Humans are fortunate those terrifying monsters are so darn small. But what if they weren’t so small? Some of the greatest story tellers used this fear of giant spiders to create the memorable Shelob from Lord of the Rings and Aragog from Harry Potter. Now you can too.

Hallowindows provides “Spiders”, a projection depicting several spiders dropping down from sticky threads. If that wasn’t creepy crawly enough, there are skulls painted on their backs! Skulls! Like something out of Silence of the Lambs! The best part? You get to decide how large these spiders get – How big of a window do you have?


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Not everyone can stomach blood, but even those with a strong stomach might feel queasy after a hoard of half-decayed zombies comes after your brains with someone else’s intestines hanging from their mouths.

With “Night Terrors”, AtmosFX plays with this blood fear and gives you a lot of bang for your buck… or should we say scream for your green. This montage projection features crazed maniacs  and zombies coming after you. They look like they are going to break through the window and go after your house guests. Did we mention there’s lots of blood?


halloween window projector

Hell is the most terrifying place imaginable — filled with demons, reapers, and other frightening supernatural creatures eager to drag victims into its fiery depths. Want to make the trick or treaters shiver like no other? Send them a Hellhound.

Jon Hyers created a gruesome Hellhound to greet guests at your door with a gruesome, teeth-bearing snarl. This projection can also be used as a “Hound of the Baskervilles” if you’re going for a Sherlock Holmes theme or as a werewolf if it’s a full moon and you want to go in that direction. This is a very versatile projection that will produce a variety of screams!



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